20 Useful Affiliate Marketing Tips

The most basic attribute anyone aspiring to be an Affiliate Marketer is to be ethical in all dealings with those who would come onboard your website.

A website of your own would enhance credibility and also assure all those who would come onboard to draw up a virtual trustworthiness even without meeting or seeing you in person.

You should also ensure that all products and services that you may promote on your Affiliate Marketing website are legitimate and genuine with the proper credentials to back all claims that they espouse.

Some of the most important criteria that could back credibility of any product or service would be money back guarantees, return policies, warranties, comparative and competitive pricing structures.

The more transparent the product or service offered, would enhance your credentials whilst those who would visit your website would build an inherent trust in you and also take most of what you say for granted.

Reading reviews and thoroughly apprising yourself would enlighten you as to the customer responses for the product or service that you would contemplate offering on your website.

Such a level of confidence cannot be achieved overnight but would need dedication and building of an optimum level of trustworthiness which would need to be built on a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

Hence a few tips on how to handle your Affiliate Marketing endeavor should hold you in good stead and bring profitable results at the end of the day.

These tips would only help you to an extent on the contrary you would need to be proactive and learn the tricks of the Affiliate Marketing trade before you could confidently call yourself an expert or professional.


#1. Work within the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) parameters

Ensure you apprise yourself of all that is required of you as an Affiliate Marketer and work within the set guidelines of the FTC, and ensure you do not fall foul with it.

#2. Be prudent on your investment

There are many unscrupulous individuals out there who would promise you enticing deals on software and systems be always vary of them and do not buy on impulse.

A trial period with a money back return policy could be quite enticing to begin with.

#3. Spend the minimum on your website

There are many websites offering unbelievable prices hence do your homework well and with complete thoroughness and seek advice where required before you would pull out your hard earned money.

You could acquire a website for a very reasonable fee and it would be prudent to look out for the best prices before you would sign on the dotted line.

#4. WordPress is necessary if you are to Blog

This is a very convenient platform if you are to blog and develop your website in the public domain. It would take some time to get a hang of it but once you apprise yourself the limits are unquantifiable.

Outsourcing your web development is an option but if you could Blog and develop it you could be saving a substantial amount of money.


#5. Hook your website to other genuine ones

Connect with other genuine and bona fide Affiliate Marketing websites whilst avoiding the unreliable and those practicing deceptive marketing strategies.

Connecting with other websites would extend your exposure and would provide you the opportunity to share experiences and information.


#6. Employ Social Media wisely

Social Media is a very vibrant platform and millions around the world are on it at any given time and using it wisely would put you up prominently from which you could reap rich dividends.

#7.Content on your website should be honest and informative

The content that you would use on your website should be honest and very informative to ensure transparency which would definitely win the day for your Affiliate Marketing strategies.

#8. Select affiliate products and services carefully.

Selecting which products and services you would like to promote on your website is something you would need to give careful consideration.

#9. Invest and educate yourself

Learn everything you could possibly learn about Affiliate Marketing from every available source even if you have to invest in the process of acquiring such knowledge.

#10. Build and safeguard your email list

Emailing prospective customers are governed by FTC rules and regulations and one is to provide the option of unsubscribing from the list if any customer he should do so. There are other criteria to adhere to.

#11. Employ “White Hat” Marketing strategies

Every platform that you would intend to use have their own rules and regulations hence adhering to them is your prerogative and responsibility.

#12. Innovate, effective marketing strategies

Deviate from “run of the mill” marketing strategies and improvise and innovate out of the box ideas which would tickle the imagination of your prospective customers.

#13. Keywords and search engine optimization is important

Keyword selections and search engine optimization (SEO) are still very important if you are to be found in the World Wide Web.


#14. Be transparent and honest with everyone

Trying to trick your customers would not bode well for you on the long term hence being transparent and honest would always carry you through to success.

#15. Build the right foundations

You would need to get your basics right and ensure that you build it slowly, as no “flash in the pan” would take you far into the future especially in the business of Affiliate Marketing.


#16. Use online and offline resources

Employ every possible medium to keep you abreast of what is happening in the Affiliate Marketing platform by using online and offline resources to the optimum.


#17. Interact with sellers

Keep your communication with all those whose products and services that you are promoting which would be a healthy way to build a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

#18. Connect with sellers and Affiliate Marketing managers

Interact with other Affiliate Marketing professionals especially those whose products you would be promoting and by doing so it would benefit them as well as you.

#19. Be generous in your dealings

The Internet is not always used to make money, sharing what you may know, your experiences would also shed some light to others which would be a smart way to gain respect and goodwill.

#20. Select outsourcing carefully

If you are contemplating of outsourcing any part of your operations ensure that you do so prudently and carefully as you may be taken up the garden path without your knowledge.


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