Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Blogs

There is thousands of Affiliate Marketing blogs when you search on the Internet thus finding and listing the Top 20 is an enviable task, but we have done the best we could and list them below.

The following criteria were used to list them, and making it to this list would bring exposure and recognition.

  • Google reputation and search ranking
  • Popularity and influence on social media sites
  • Content quality and consistency
  • Expert reviews and feedback


#1. ShoeMoney- Jeremy Schoemaker

The blog is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, the brainchild of an enterprising entrepreneur Jeremy Schoemaker. A story from rags to riches, being unemployed and then turning tables, to being named as one of the best Affiliate Marketing blogs.

#2. Affilorama – Affiliate Marketing Blog

This blog is based in New Zealand and brings out about two posts per week with around 25,000 and 12,000 followers on FaceBook and Twitter respectively.

Support software, Affiliate Marketing training coupled with the latest happenings on the platform s what this blog is best known for among its thousands of followers.

#3. Shawn Collins – Affiliate marketing Blog

The founder of the well known blog, Affiliate Summit and is based in Austin, Texas in the heartland of the United States. Brings out about four posts on an average every week and has been blogging since February 2004.

A better exposure on Twitter rather than in FaceBook, and is well known for Affiliate Marketing news, and very well accepted opinions.

#4. Work in my Pajamas

Working from home, invariably in her pajamas Kim Rowley has been a consistent Affiliate Marketing blogger with an impressive seven posts per week. Some very valuable insights into this very competitive platform could be had f you follow her blogs on a weekly basis.


#5. Entrepreneur – Affiliate Marketing

Though only one post is forthcoming in a month the quality of it is remarkable and has been ardently followed by many who look forward to it.

News, videos, advice and many more is available if you would aspire to know what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

#6. The Drum – Affiliate Marketing

This blog originates from both the United States and the United Kingdom with a frequency of about two posts every month with a substantial following of around 35,000 and 192,000 on FaceBook and Twitter respectively.

#7. Commission Factory – Medium

This blog is based Down Under in Australia, with a frequency of about one post per month but one which is eagerly looked forward to by its ardent followers.

Popularly considered as the largest Affiliate Marketing supporting platform in the Southern Hemisphere and offers some very innovative thinking to its followers.


#8. Human Proof Designs

Founded by Dominic Wells a professional Affiliate Marketer, who brings out about two posts every week to help followers to create niche websites and succeed in them.

#9. Acceleration Partners – Affiliate Marketing

A frequency of two posts per week with presence in Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and London bringing forth some revolutionary innovations that have been well accepted in the industry.

#10. Snaptactix Blog

Based in San Diego, California brings out about four posts every month and all of which have been eagerly awaited by its followers who could enlighten themselves on the ins and outs of online marketing.

The blog concentrates on email marketing, automation, traffic generation, and effective use of the social media, in the pursuit of innovative Affiliate Marketing strategies.


#11. ThirstyAffiliates Blog

Bringing out Affiliate Marketing posts which are limited to at least one post per week from Brisbane, Australia the blog concentrates on how best to organize blog posts and to cloak affiliate links.

Has been innovative and result oriented and has a flair to deliver some very impressive ideas.


#12. Share Results – Affiliate Program

Montreal in Canada is home to this blog post which brings out about one post per month but is imaginative and educative with many of its followers anxiously waiting for every post that is released.


#13. Rosalind Gardner’s Blog

Working from British Columbia, fondly and popularly called Super Affiliate, Rosalind Gardner has made raves with her blogs which are released every month but looked forward to anxiously by her ardent followers.

#14. Rob Fore – Affiliate Marketing

Based in Reno, Nevada this blog has been active with three posts being put on the Affiliate Marketing platform every month which have been enlightening and well accepted.


#15. Ian Fernando – Failing at Success is Great Hobby

A frequency of about two posts per month and has been interested to make a name on the Affiliate Marketing platform since his high school days. A marketing specialist with many aces up his sleeve.



Originating from Austin, Texas the blog brings out about two posts on an average every month which are all very educative and interesting to those with an eye on the intricacies of Affiliate Marketing.

#17. Affiliatemarketingmc

Has its home in the United States and has two posts originating every week and has been consistent with delivery and has been helping those who want some tips about Affiliate Marketing since February 2012.


#18. Affiliate Marketing Guru Tips

Some very innovative tips do come from this blog helping those who would care to follow it to make some money and with a post coming every month it is looked forward to eagerly by those who follow it.

#19. Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Blogging since March 2016 and has been consistent with an average of four posts a week and is armed with a decade or more of experience in blogging, on the Affiliate Marketing platform, with a substantial following on social media.

#20. Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov

Based in Virginia, United States brings forth about two posts every month, is versatile in marketing leadership and has some very impressive clients on its list.

Is an award winning Affiliate Marketing program with many accolades tucked under its belt and has been a force to reckon with on the innovative Affiliate Marketing platform.

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