What is affiliate marketing

With more advertising shifting from traditional media to digital, e-commerce managers encourage businesses to invest their advertising mega bucks online. The big question is does it give you an ROI on the money you have invested in marketing? The finance bosses will peg marketers with reports of their advertising spend and search for the increase in business. Marketing dollars need to increase consumer base, increase sales, define the brand, and also lead to increase in profitability.

The Shift to Affiliate Marketing:

Next, our quest would be to identify the different types of affiliate marketing that are available to a marketer and to identify what suits them best. If your organization is keen on social media, you can drive those dollars into Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Twitter for ‘boosted’ posts. You can also invest in a digital plan for Paid Search to optimize how well your brand or company is represented online – but, not all these factors are affordable, especially if you are a fledgling company that cannot speculate a ‘make or break’ situation.

Is ‘Affiliate Marketing’ for Me?

To know if ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is, it’s best to first understand what it is. Simply put, it’s a form of online marketing that is said to be more cost-effective compared to other techniques. Before you embark on such digital strategies, the company must evaluate its digital capabilities. Will the campaigns be managed in-house? If yes, do we have adequate expertise? If not, do we hire an external company or recruit for the vacancy.

How Does ‘Affiliate Marketing’ work?

In this marketing method, the firm using it would have to offer a pre-defined percentage of the goods/service sold to a third-party who assists with closing the sale. This is a simple and efficient way in which you can grow your business by partnering with brands and companies who may have had access to new customers and who would ‘share’ that benefit with you for a fraction of the cost. This is the first and most important component of ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

The next benefit of this method is that companies and brands need to work together for Affiliate Marketing to work – and this synergy of businesses working together is good for businesses to learn from one another.

To explain this concept practically, it’s to drive consumers who visit one site to another because of their relative connectivity. For example, a Yahoo e-mail user who logs into his e-mail will receive a pop-up advertisement directing them to TripAdvisor based on the user’s search patterns etc. TripAdvisor would then be able to drive the consumer to book the hotel via its platform. In this case, TripAdvisor used Yahoo as an affiliate and the latter would earn an ‘Affiliate Commission’ for the ‘sale’ it was able to secure. Another benefit of this is that one company would actually do the hard work; the other simply rides off that effort because they have already identified their consumers, trends, spending habits etc. For your organization, this would mean spending less on identifying the potential consumer.

For e-commerce specialists, the biggest advantage do not have to pay the ‘Affiliate Commission’ it wasn’t a success. So, essentially, you only pay for a client who is genuine, unlike in cases of Facebook where you pay for ‘impressions’ and not actual purchases.

With such benefits, your company spends less time and resources to identify consumers – you can focus your efforts on improving your product or service while reaping the benefits of Affiliate Marketing that also include brand-enhancement when you work with a reputed one that has access to a plethora of new customers you would otherwise not have had access to.

Affiliate marketing can be considered as one of the most effective methods available for the people to earn a decent amount of money by working from home. You can be your own boss by making the decision to live as an affiliate marketer. However, you need to keep few important facts in mind in order to become a super affiliate.

How to become a super affiliate? Here is a list of few effective tips available for you to follow and become a super affiliate.

  1. Write articles – Out of the effective methods that are available for you to become a super affiliate, writing articles hold a prominent place. When you have quality content, you will be able to increase your chances of appearing on the top positions of search engine results pages. On the other hand, articles are associated with an impressive click rate in between 10% to 20%. Therefore, you can easily drive forward your affiliate marketing efforts with the help of articles. However, you need to be careful enough in order to make your articles look excellent. If you don’t have the ability to do it, you can think about outsourcing your articles.
  2. Sign up with forums – Signing up with forums is another effective method to become a super affiliate. The forums serve as an excellent platform to assist you to promote your affiliate marketing efforts. You just need to be careful enough to select the right forum, which can deliver positive results to you. When you get hold of such a forum, you just need to go ahead and take part in the discussions. According to the affiliate marketing experts, a good forum post has the ability to help you earn 8 times greater results when compared to the effort you spend.
  3. Create your email list – A good email list has the ability to help you take your affiliate marketing efforts to a whole new level. In fact, email marketing is considered as one of the best methods available for you to make a sale. If you keep on promoting your products to the email list on a regular basis, you will be able to earn money for every single person that you have got on the list. You just need to be careful that people in your email marketing list don’t mark you as a spammer. That’s where creativity would come into play.
  4. Advertise – Last but not least, you should think about advertising yourself in order to become an affiliate marketer. You don’t need to think twice before you spend half of your hard earned money on advertising. You just need to focus on advertising on a regular basis and you will be able to see the amazing results delivered by it in the long run. However, you will have to make sure that your advertising campaign is influencing enough to make your customers spend their money on products you promote.

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